Merry May 2023, my fellow gifted thrifters and thrifty gifters!  

Third and last month of Spring, Iyyar and Sivan of 5783, Asian / Haitian / Jewish American and Mental Health Month, MerMay!  The month of May Day, Workers Day, Beltane, May The Fourth, No Diet Day, Mother’s Day, Shavuot, and Memorial Day!

Yes, lots of thrifty themes to choose from.  And for this post, I’ve chosen MerMay, where we celebrate mermaids and other merpeople.  I love and identify with Merfolk, and sometimes call myself Mercroft.  I have a cool collection of mermaid-themed things – most of them thrifted, of course – which I need to show and tell you about here at some point. 

Today, let’s look at some of the recent mermazing items on Goodwill of Greater Washington’s site

A classic sterling silver pendant.  Is she swimming toward her turtle friends?  And look at those fabulous curls.

Sterling Silver CZ Enamel Mary Flower Bird Mermaid Pendant Chain Necklace 29g

A watch.  A Swatch, no less.  Seashell bra sold separately.

Swatch Swiss Made Melusinepop Mermaid Navy Blue Silicone Band Watch W2703237

Do you know how tempted I was by this?  Very!

.925 Silver Vintage Ethnic Scaled Blue Enamel Textured 33mm Wide Cuff Bracelet 

I love beads and beading – and purple.

.925 Silver Clasp Cultured Pearl Mop Amethyst Glass 3 Row 7″ Strand Bracelet

How fabulous is this?!

14k Yellow Gold 3mm Round Pearl Ballarri Seashell Star Dolphin 8″ Bracelet 53.5g

And speaking of gold jewelry fit for a mermaid, let’s see some more of that.

Shiny seashells – earrings (and don’t sleep on the many single ones like this for sale), two pendants (one with a pearl), and a brooch (also with pearls).

14K Yellow Gold Textured Ribbed Sea Shell Dainty Stud Post Earrings Jewelry 0.7g

17k Yellow Gold 7mm Round Cultured Pearl In Shell Smooth Textured Pendant 1.8g

14k Yellow Gold 10mm Scalloped Seashell Dainty Polished Pendant 0.2g

Gold Tone Enamel Synthetic Pearl Seashell Bold Statement Brooch Pin Jewelry 

Sparkling sand dollars – earrings and a pendant.

14k Yellow Gold 11mm Round Thin Engraved Sea Shell Stud Earrings 0.7g – 11.9 – SAND DOLLARS

14k Yellow Gold 10mm Sand Dollar Sea Starfish Charm Necklace Pendant 0.8g – 11.21

Stunning starfish – two pairs of earrings and a pendant.

14k Yellow Gold Vintage Textured Dainty Starfish10mm Stud Post Earrings 0.2g

14k Yellow Gold Polished Textured Thin Star Fish Stud Post Earrings 0.4g

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Filigree Lace Starfish Textured Pendant 0.9g

I told you DC Goodwill’s Shop Goodwill site was mermazing!  For seashore jewelry, other shore-themed items, and oh so much more.  Same with their stores – but they only offer jewelry at SGW, so sail over there to top up your trinket boxes and treasure chests.  In MerMay, and year ‘round. 

Enjoy the end of your Spring and the beginning of your Summer.  And please meet me back here next month, in June, when I’ll be talking about Pride Month and featuring some rainbow finds.  

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