“Bling” in the New Year: Make a Mirror Sparkle With Sequined Fabric

s you launch into the New Year, here’s a resolution you’ll be sure to keep. Enjoy more DIY projects in 2022—and beyond.  Inspired by the recent New Year’s celebrations, transform a thrift store mirror into one that mimics all the confetti during the holiday. The fabric from a child’s colorful sequined jacket was reused and helped to create a sparkling look you will want to toast to as well!

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5 Under $5 – Game Night Edition!

One of the things I look forward to on New Year’s Eve is playing board games with my family and friends. As a child, it was one of the only approved nights my siblings and I were permitted to stay up past midnight. So, to keep our eyes open to ring in the New Year, we’d play board games. Like many, we loved the classic Hasbro board games such as Trouble, Sorry, and of course, Monopoly. So, imagine my excitement when I saw these and many others available for less than $5 at the Ashdale, VA Goodwill!

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