The 3 “H’s” for Upcycling Impact: Hue, Handles, Height

Keep these three “H’s” in mind when you want your upcycling project to look hip, happening, and hot: Hue, Handles & Height.  An old dresser receives a dramatic transformation by painting it a new hue. Adding new and cool handles gives it a great vibe.  Last but certainly not least, it gets raised to a new level by adding legs, hence the height.

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How to Create an Art Gallery Wall

Hello, again my thrifty home décor enthusiasts! Today I wanted to walk you through the process of how to create an art gallery wall at home. I just revamped my home office and created a cool gallery wall using goodwill frames! And guess what?? They were all under $5. It’s a really fun project that won’t break the bank.

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The New Goodwill in Hayfield – Alexandria, Virginia

I remember the joy I felt the day I got invited to attend my very first Goodwill Grand opening! Ecstatic can’t even begin to describe the happiness I felt. To be honest, I guess it hadn’t hit me that I am now a Goodwill blogger all because of my love of thrifting home décor and furnishings. A literal happy kid inside and out!

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