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DIY: Find Fun Fabric for a Fab Flip

How do you take a set of kitchen/dining room chairs from a little grimy (no offense!) to a lot of groovy? By quite simply picking the right, fun fabric! This week’s blog features a set of chairs with great, clean lines and super solid construction. However, after 20 years of daily use—enduring spills from meals and drips from entertaining—these Scandinavian beauties had lost some of their good looks.

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3 Veg-Friendly Food Spots Ten Minutes From the Fairfax, VA Goodwill

Thrifting, undoubtedly, can make one hungry. Flipping through the racks, scouring the housewares shelves….it can get exhausting! After a productive thrifting trip, the stomach rumbles can be quite loud and distracting. So today, I bring you a quick list of vegan-friendly places in Fairfax, VA for you to try by yourself or with friends for a little after-thrift noshing.

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One Shirt, Three Looks, Five Dollars!

Not wanting to store hop any longer, I decided to do what any experienced thrifter would do – I began to shop the other sections of the store! After spending less than 10 minutes in the men’s section, I lucked up and found a pastel-colored gingham oxford shirt for $4.99! This shirt would look great as-is on my husband but I wanted it for myself. Now I know what you may be thinking, how will an oxford shirt turn into a wrapped skirt?

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DIY: The Little Red Chair That Could

We all remember the childhood story, “The Little Train that Could,” which featured a small engine that was up for a big challenge by being optimistic with its mantra, “I think I can, I think I can.” You, too, will be successful when you apply the little train’s motto for your DIY projects.

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