Put new life into your Goodwill Finds. Finding Your Good is about gaining inspiration from a community of experts who will provide tips to help you reinvent your personal style that is socially sustainable.

A Way to Thrift, 24/7

Can you believe we are in Week 11 of quarantine? If you are anything like me, I am missing my weekly excursions to Goodwill. My normal shopping day would be definitely be Sunday morning after church, because the new color of the week would be unrevealed and there would be a variety of items that are 50% off.

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How Goodwill Helped Me Find My Style + Fashion Challenge

Eccentric, eclectic, and elegant are how I describe my style. But this was not the case before I started shopping in secondhand stores. Coming from a very rural community, showing off my bold and edgy style was frowned upon; however, after getting to college, I began finding a voice through stores like Goodwill. I bet you are wondering how a store can help you find your voice. Well. I am going to tell you. Goodwill helped me find my voice in three distinct ways.

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Summer DIY: Patriotic Chair

Sometimes the time of year or a special day that inspires your creative decision-making. When thinking about this week’s DIY project and blog, doing something that honors our country seemed like the easy choice given that Memorial Day weekend was just here.

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How To Authenticate A Pre-Loved Bag

I have been collecting, hunter, and loving bags since I was in undergrad. Like most people when they are first starting a passion (i.e. shopping, design, etc.) they do not normally have the luxury to splurge or just buy, buy, buy the things they want continuously or brand new. So, I like others began seeking out stores like Goodwill to fill my handbags addiction. But, when I found a bag a Goodwill that was Coach, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Burberry, Bally, etc., I did not know initially how to tell if they were real or fake.

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Everything in Its Right Place: 8 Ways to Organize Your Closet

I arrived at my current closet methodology by absorbing recommendations from countless hours of YouTube, blogs, Pinterest, you name it. Along the way, I picked up some tips, let others go, and found my own solutions. I encourage you to do the same. Below I’ve outlined elements of my system that make getting dressed easier and help me keep things tidy.

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Father’s Day DIY: Upcycled Key Holder

You’ve heard the sage advice that says, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, for this creative DIY project for Father’s Day, you’ll be saying, “One person’s rusty tools make a cool keyholder for Dad.” Or perhaps, “One guy’s junk becomes a great gift for Dad.” How would you say it?

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