Author: Mycroft Masada Holmes

Seashore Scenes For Your Winter Woes

I hope I’ve warmed the cockles and muscles of your hearts a little with this scenery.  Warm wishes for the rest of your Winter!  I’ll see you back here next month, in February, when I’ll probably be talking about seashore jewelry, especially because of Valentine’s Day.  Because you know there’s no Valentine like a thrifted Valentine, right?  Right!  Happy thrifting!!

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Seashore Gifts You Can Thrift

Nu, if you know me here and/or elsewhere, you know I adore the seashore.  And that includes thrifting seashore-themed things, for myself and others.  And I don’t think I have to tell you there aren’t a lot of shopping days left until the Winter holidays.  Or that thrifted gifts are the best gifts – especially because you save your money and our Earth while supporting great causes.  My family and I celebrate Chrismukkah.  I don’t currently give eight nights or 25 days of gifts to anyone, but sometimes it feels like it.  I’ve always loved gift giving, but whew.  

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