A second set of Spring salutations to you, my fellow gifted thrifters and thrifty gifters!  

It’s April – second month of Spring, Adar II and Nisan of 5784, Arab American Month.  Month of Easter Monday, April Fools Day, a total Solar eclipse, Tax Day, NonBinary Parents Day, Earth Day, and Pesach (Passover).

And because Passover is this month, we’re going to be looking at Judaica – Jewish ritual items and other art.  Nu, as you may know, I love collecting it, and most of my collection is thrifted.  And much of it is from Goodwill, online and off.  I’ve been very fortunate to live in two very Jewish areas (Boston and DC), but thanks to Goodwill’s online shopping, one can experience and thrift items from all over the country.       

Let’s begin at the bereshit, the beginning, with life.  Chai, the Hebrew word for life, remains a popular symbol, especially in jewelry.  In kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, chai adds up to eighteen, and there are 18 items in this blog post.  


925 Sterling Silver Heart Gingerbread Star Heart Assorted Pendant Lot 29.2g


925 Silver Filigree Textured Cz Assorted Pendant Lot 32g

Speaking of life, we Jews love the Tree of Life, which we share with some other cultures.  For one thing, it  symbolizes the Torah, Hebrew Bible.  And with rainbow trees, you can be ready for Pride as well.  


925 SS Turquoise Lapis Amethyst Citrine Coral Quartz Necklace Lot 14″-20″ 24.4g 


.925 Sterling Silver Cz Multi Gemstone Assorted Necklace Lot 24.3g 

The Magen David remains the primary symbol of Judaism, and these are just seven of the many on DC Goodwill’s Shop Goodwill site this year.  


.925 Silver Mop Star Of David Wide Band Cocktail Ring Lot 21.5g 


.925 Silver Star Of David Claddagh Cz Buddha Pendant Necklace Lot 19.8g 


10k Yellow Gold Star Of David Pendant 2.8g 


925 Silver Cz Opal Mother Of Pearl Assorted Chain Pendant Necklace Lot 42.5g 


.925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Crystal Assorted Pendant Lot 12.8g 


14k Yellow Gold Mid Size 21mm Bold Star Textured Pendant 1.8g 


.925 Sterling Silver Vintage Textured Star Pendant 5.4g 

Another popular and shared Jewish symbol is the hamsa, and 2024 seems like a really good time to invest in an amulet.  


.925 Silver Amethyst Marcasite Cz Pendant Necklace Lot 26g 


925 Sterling Silver Onyx Evil Eye Twisted Rope Bracelet Lot 6.75″ 9″ 27g 


925 SS Cubic Zirconia Tourmaline Abalone Butterfly Assorted Pendant Lot 29.9g 


925 Sterling Silver Mismatched Assorted Earring Lot 97g

A kiddush cup for Shabbat and havdalah and some other occasions, a pomegranate for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), and a menorah for Hanukkah (mark your calendars for this December, when I’ll be presenting my ninth annual Mycroft’s Menorah Mishigas here and elsewhere)!  


Small Silver Jewish Wine Cup


925 Silver Garnet Beads Pomegranate Pendant 17.9″ 37.2g


Spode Made In England Menorah The Judaic Collection 

Todah rabah, many thanks, for taking this Judaic journey with me today.  Best wishes for your Spring shopping.  

And don’t forget to surf back over here next month – when I’ll be talking about mermaids for MerMay! 

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