Author: Mycroft Masada Holmes

A Virtual Visit to – and Thrifty Tour of – Some Seashores

As I’ve told you before, my family and I love the seashore.  And it’s one of our favorite thrifting themes.  We have many thrifted shore things in our home.  And many more on our wish lists.  Probably more than we could ever fit in here.  But not for lack of trying. And today, Goodwill of Greater Washington’s Shop Goodwill site had 12 shore-themed items!  So, let’s take a virtual visit to – and thrifty tour of – some seashores.  We’ll begin, of course, by putting on some jewelry.  

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Mycroft’s Menorah Mishigas: Meet My Menorahs!!!

As you may know, this year Hanukkah started last month, in November, which is very unusual.  Yes, we had a version of Thanksgivukkah!  So, alas, it is already over.  But, my Mycroft’s Menorah Mishigas isn’t!  I love menorahs and have a big and growing collection of them – all of which I’ve thrifted.  So, every Chrismukkah, I display them on my social media, in a show I call “Mycroft’s Menorah Mishigas”. This is my sixth year!    

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Giving Thanks For — And Gifts Of — Dragons!

Too, turkeys are descended from dinosaurs.  And, what are dinosaurs but wingless dragons? It’s Science!

November is a good time to think about thrifting your gifts, for the Winter holidays and other gift-giving this season!  And, oh so many people love dragons.  How much more so when they’re thrifted — in addition to being more impressive in the usual ways, you and your recipient also know you supported a great cause. 

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