Spring salutations to you, my fellow gifted thrifters and thrifty gifters!  It’s March 2024 – first month of Spring, Adar I and Adar II of 5784, Women’s and Irish Month.  Month of Lent, the Disability Day Of Mourning (DDOM), Women’s Day, Daylight Saving Time, Pi Day, the Ides of March, Saint Patrick’s Day, the Spring Equinox, Purim, Maryland Day, Holy Week, Easter, and the Trans Day Of Visibility (TDOV).

Nu, as my regular readers know, I adore the shore.  And thrifting seashore-themed things.  Most of my considerable collection is thrifted – much of it from Goodwill.  Shopping at Goodwill really is a shore thing!  Online and off.  So this month, I am once again coming to you to show you some of the best seashore items on DC Goodwill’s Shop Goodwill site.         

Now, since I’m writing to you from Maryland – and Maryland Day was Monday – we have to start with crabs.  I’ve recently become an AFOL, Adult Fan Of Lego, and this crabby little set is high on my wish list.  So far I’ve just missed it in my Buy Nothing Group and on Shop Goodwill; maybe third time’s a charm.  And how charming is this crab pendant with the Popeye-like claws?  


6 .lbs NIB Complete Lego Set 


Assorted .925 Sterling Silver Necklaces Abalone Floral Seacrab 21.0g

Do you know how much I wanted to win this octopus pendant and earring set?  Or how tempted I was by this necklace that reminded me of Ursula the Sea Witch’s?  My spouse and I are big fans – we even named one of our two dogters after her.  


Mary Demarco Jewelry Set Kraken Octopus Pendant Necklace Earrings 27.3g 


Gold Tone Vintage Multi Colored Beaded Spiral Brass Medallion 18″Necklace 89.2g 

I love Lilly Pulitzer’s seashore-themed prints, and want to thrift a top or dress to wear.  And for some reason DC Goodwill gets LOTS of donations of her clothing.  These SEVEN pieces are just the shore styles I’ve seen there in 2024!  There were many more last year.    


Lilly Pulitzer Resort White Sleeveless Dress Sz 8 


Lily Pulitzer Blue Patterned Dress, Size L, Nwt 


Lilly Pulitzer NWT Women’s Multicolored Blouse Size Medium $128 


Lilly Pulitzer Women’s Multicolored Dress Size M


NWT Lilly Pulitzer Multicolored Size M $104.00


Nwt Lilly Pulitzer Multicolored Dress Size M $98.00


Nwt Lilly Pulitzer Women’s Multicolor Size M Dress

To go with my Lily outfit, I’m going to need this Vera Bradley sea life bag!  And these bags depicting the local Bays.  Click through on both items to see more creatures and maps on the back sides of these.    


Vera Bradley Blue Sea Print Crossbody Purse – 1.5


New With Tags Spartina 449 Daufuskie Island Women’s Purse & Wallet $98 – 1.15

It wouldn’t be a Mycroft post without at least a few tchotchkes.  These are just a few of my favorites from this year.  I love cameos and seashells, but somehow have never seen them combined – now I need one.  


Antique Diver Helmet Replica – 3.4


Carved Cameo Shell Made In Italy – 1.14


Nautical Shadow Box 24’x18 – 3.5

Thank you for taking a little time away from the Spring weather to spend with me!  I hope we get to the shore more this season than last.  In the meantime, please plan to meet me back here next month, when I’ll be talking about Judaica – Jewish ritual items and other art – since April includes Pesach, and Passover.  

About our fabulous guest blogger:

Mycroft Masada (they/them) is a nonbinary trans and queer Jewish and interfaith leader with 30 years of experience, particularly called to pursue LGBTQ+ and fat liberation.  A Fat Torah Advisory Team member, Food Psych transcriptionist, and TransEpiscopal Steering Committee member, Mycroft is an advocate, organizer, consultant, educator, trainer, writer and artist.  They’re also a lifelong and at least second-generation thrifter and thrifted everything is seen (and unseen) in this photo.  They are easy to find, Friend and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram