During New York Fashion Week (NYFW), secondhand and sustainable pieces continuously graced the street style of the city. It was an amazing reminder that high fashion does not have to be expensive, cruel to the planet, or exclusive. Fashion weeks can be what you make it if you let it. Thus, here are some ways to make secondhand high fashion.

1. Look for items that are unique

When you go into a secondhand space to find your items for an event like Fashion Week, look for items that are not common.

Find things that speak to you and your style, but encompass a level of uniqueness that others will not always go for. This can be hard but take your time to find the right piece.

Unique items take time to curate. The more unique the item, the more it will stand you apart from the crowd in a special way.

2. Look for items out of your comfort zone

While you want to find things that are authentic and speak to who you are, you also want to push your limits.

Often some of the most impressive and special items I have acquired for high fashion events were secondhand pieces that push my comfort. This is not to do something that is not true to you but to show more of your range.

Many people limit themselves in what they can wear and it does not translate well at events. It is sometimes okay to go big, or subtle, colorful, or simple if is something that sets you apart.

3. Look for items that make you want to talk about it

Often at high fashion events, people ask about your pieces either out of curiosity or for interviews. I have found the more I want to talk about a piece, it helps me in these situations.

Take your time and find things that spark your interest. Never buy an item in an effort to impress others but rather to impress yourself. The more you do this, the more you will make a high fashion moment.

Next time someone tells you, high fashion has to be expensive or exclusive, proudly tell them secondhand is glamour. Then use these tips above to make yourself a magical ensemble you can’t wait to discuss!

About our fabulous guest blogger:

Xavier (Zay) is a fashion educator who teaches people how to Slay Responsibly when it comes to handbags, fashion, pre-loved items, and brands. He helps people realize they have more power when it comes to handbags and luxury than they think. Zay lives in the Washington, DC area, is a P.h.D student studying strategic communication, identifies as nonbinary, and is self-proclaimed baghead!