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The 7 Habits of Antiracist Fashion Consumers

In the last few weeks, we have all been called to join the movement for racial justice. Many of us are responding to that call by publicly stating that Black lives matter, participating in demonstrations, and making donations to organizations fighting for racial justice. While all of those steps are positive, I also believe that making small, consistent, and permanent changes in all aspects of our personal lives is critical to the efficacy and longevity of the movement.

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How Goodwill Helped Me Find My Style + Fashion Challenge

Eccentric, eclectic, and elegant are how I describe my style. But this was not the case before I started shopping in secondhand stores. Coming from a very rural community, showing off my bold and edgy style was frowned upon; however, after getting to college, I began finding a voice through stores like Goodwill. I bet you are wondering how a store can help you find your voice. Well. I am going to tell you. Goodwill helped me find my voice in three distinct ways.

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