Hello, my friends!  When I was invited to attend the recent grand opening of the newest Goodwill in Sterling/Dulles, I literally could not respond YES fast enough!  Of course, I had to drive over there a few days before the opening just to see this gorgeous stand-alone store (and to find out that there is coffee nearby).  Opening Day was amazing with incredible crowds (the checkout line was up to 2 hours long, but we all waited and made new friends), the staff was beyond upbeat and friendly, and the selection was UNBELIEVABLE.  If you haven’t gone yet, this is a must-visit. 

Here are my Top 3 reasons to go soon:

  1. THE SHOES: right up front and to your right as you walk in, the women’s shoe selection was just spectacular.  I was impressed with the size of the selection as well as the overall organization.  Pairs were coordinated by color, making it easy to shop and spot what you might be hunting for.  The prices were on point- I walked out with a pair of Madewell flats for $9.99 and the cutest animal print platform sandals for only $4.99.  Absolute steals!!
  • THE ART & DÉCOR WALL: yes, I don’t have any more wall space in my house and have absolutely ZERO business buying any more art, BUT when I see a selection like this, I can’t help myself!  The wall was just impressive to look at.  I loved that there were large pieces, something you don’t see everyday while thrifting.  The ornate mirrors were an insane find and quickly scooped up by shoppers.  Again, the prices were unreal (I spotted large pieces under $25)! Pro Tip- be sure to check behind all pieces as some may cover others.  You don’t want to miss a real gem that’s tucked behind something else.  And trust me, you will find a gem!
  • THE OVERALL LAYOUT AND ORGANIZATION: although the store was jam-packed on opening day, and we were all weaving in and out, we were still able to get around.  The store is laid out very well, with spacious aisles and designated areas.  Price signs are prominent and easy to find, so there is no second guessing the cost of items.  I absolutely loved the mirrors at the end of the aisles in the clothing areas, and I was thrilled to see fitting rooms!  The overall flow of the store works well, and it’s the perfect size of store to have a large selection without feeling lost inside.

As always, I love shopping for a cause. We get to do that at Goodwill, a local community nonprofit whose mission is to transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment. If you go, let me know! I love to hear what everyone else finds (I was peeking at everyone else’s finds on opening day). You know I can’t help myself!

ARTICLE BY Carmen Corsi of Carmen Corsi l Thrifting Expert l Thrift Lifestyle (@loudounthrift) • Instagram photos and videos. THE absolute resource for thrifting in & around Loudoun!

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