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DIY Project: Elevating Your Mirror to Its Most Dazzling Heights!

Mirrors are necessary pieces of decor around a home. They serve the important purpose of allowing you to see your appearance and get yourself ready for the day, but mirrors can be more than functional, even dazzling! When decorated with brilliance (both figuratively and literally), a mirror can also add a fun, even sparkling touch to a room and be a dazzling addition to your wall. Bring some extra pizazz into your room by adorning your mirror with bright and fun jewels through this easy DIY. You could even create an impressive, made-with-love gift for a teenager or young adult that has a love for all things shiny. With this simple project, your mirror can shine brighter than a diamond!

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3 Things I Learned After Thrifting For My Home

Outside of fashion, I have a deep passion for interior design. Understanding how and why certain furniture and fixtures work in the spaces they do brings me a lot of joy. Thrifting has been one of the ways that I have learned more about interior design, which sustainably fed my hunger to learn more. It has also taught me a lot about how to balance and fill a room. Before the pandemic, I felt too busy to really delve into fully decorating my home. However, since I have been able to thrift again, I have begun putting my passion into practice. Below are three things I have learned regarding décor from thrift stores.

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