I was so excited to have the opportunity to take a first look at the new Goodwill in Sterling, VA!  This store was, and is, completely stocked with all sorts of goodies.  From designer names to vintage finds, I walked out with a totally full cart!

The very first thing I picked up was this Coach wallet—it was only $3.99! I’ve been obsessed with Coach lately, so I immediately added it to my cart. This adorable pink Coach purse was another very tempting find!

There were also tons of cool lamps, cookware, and all sorts of great electronics lining the shelves.  Per the usual, I gravitated towards the home décor and found some beautiful artwork and several gorgeous mirrors.  I filled my cart and noticed several people eyeing my finds as I went to check out!

It was a dreamy day with the sun shining, the DJ playing fun jams, people lining out the door, and free donuts after hours of shopping!  The best part (after all the savings hehe) was knowing that my purchases were supporting my community and going towards education and employment.  Couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my time!  XO – Jules @jemsfromjules