Fashion is all about inspiration. From blogs, like the DCGF, to celebrities, to Pinterest – ideas for fashionable dressing come from taking what someone else is wearing and make it your own. As a savvy shopping gal, one of my biggest fashion resources is Pinterest; its free, easy-to-use and has thousands of style ideas.

Pinterest is a great place to get inspired and see what’s new in fashion. Most fashion bloggers have several boards on Pinterest filled with their fashionable finds and inspiration. I love following fashion bloggers on Pinterest is that you get to see all the great clothes they love that they don’t necessarily post about on their blog. In addition to following bloggers on Pinterest, you can also follow celebrities whose style you like. Seeing what these celebs pin will inspire you to try something new and also give you a look at what’s new in fashion since we know celebs are usually the trend makers.

Pinterest keeps me fashionable by serving as my style muse when I’m trying to decide what to wear.  I have two Pinterest boards for clothes, one called “to wear: skirts.dresses” and the other called “to wear: pants.leggings.” When I’m browsing Pinterest and see an outfit that uses clothes I already have, I pin it to one of my two boards.  Then, when I’m faced with the weekly “I have nothing to wear!” crisis, I just scroll through my boards and rediscover a great outfit.

What I love about this system is that it keeps me from losing 30 minutes in front of my closet, getting more and more stressed that nothing looks good.  It also inspires me to use what I already have.  Instead of thinking I need to go buy new clothes because I have nothing to wear, I realize I have great clothes in my closet I just wasn’t seeing as outfits and thus, it gets me out of my style rut!

Pinterest helps me elevate my favorite "safe" pieces in my wardrobe - like this black pencil skirt!

Pinterest helps me elevate my favorite “safe” pieces in my wardrobe – like this black pencil skirt!

Here's one of "Pin-spired" looks!

Here’s one of “Pin-spired” looks!

Recently, I was thinking about buying a green pencil skirt.  My love of pencil skirts is strong, but I wasn’t sure that bright green was going to be very wearable.  I turned to my trusty friend Pinterest and immediately had so many ideas of how I could integrate the skirt into my wardrobe.  Suddenly this skirt seemed like it fit so well into my wardrobe, I didn’t know why I didn’t already have it!

Whether it’s getting inspiration, rethinking how to use what you already have, or helping you decide what to buy, Pinterest is a great place for all fashionistas to visit.

I’d love to hear how you use Pinterest, fashionistas! Do you have any “must-follow” pinners or boards? Share them with us in the comments below!

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