I’m incredibly curious to know your opinions on this resurfaced trend, dear readers. Tall gladiator sandals have been on and off for the warm weather trend now for the past few years. Personally, I could never get fully absorbed in the tall, wrap and tie style sandals that all the fashion mags declared the hottest summer shoe. Let me give you a few reasons why I just can’t hang with this trend.

Image sourced from Lucky Shops Online.

Image by Lucky Shops Online.

Shapely legs. I’m a lady of curves and proud of it. Take a look at the ladies above, they are undeniably stunning but they are also models. They’re all tall and very slender and with that, they’ve got very thin legs. My calves are far wider than my ankles and while I’d like to think my ankles are normal, I am well aware they are not model size. The image of these stems in a knee-height, wrapped sandal makes me give a mild cringe. They don’t look striking comfortable, as most flat, leather bottom sandals are not. But the tall, laced cages around my legs? I can’t.
Here is why:
Summer swelling. I can’t be the only person who experiences a little summer water retention; when the hot weather hits, the swell follows. My extremities, all tend to swell after moving around outside. All I can picture is my swollen feet and ankles creeping through the cutouts of all these sandal styles. That image alone has been sufficient material to keep me far away from trying this style out.
I most often wear heels because I feel that the height lengthens my leg and gives it a more shapely look. I’ve worn wrap-up espadrilles and every time – its never comfortable. All it takes is five minutes of wear to destroy that perfect wrap. The tie slowly goes loose and ends up falling to my ankle where it stays until I find a safe place for a fashion-fix. I know that some of the gladiator sandals are a cage-style, but even that sounds like sweaty chaffing.

I have to know if I’m alone here, dear readers. Have you ever worn this style? Am I right about this summer swelling and normal size leg problem? Does anyone else fear the gladiator chaffing? Leave me some comments with your thoughts and experiences. I need to know if this trend is worth my buck!