Author: Tim Kime

Birthday Gift DIY: Flip Flop Summer Wreath

You won’t change your mind—no flip flops that is—when you see how easy and cool this wreath is to create. Take pairs of these popular summer footwear and transform them into the perfect summer wreath to greet family, neighbors and guests. This is also a memorable gift for those who wear flip flops often like swimmers, beach goers and casual dressers.

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DIY: Green & Gold Make It Bold

Thanks so much to Bryant and Horace for the chance to take this piece from a late relative and turn it into something that truly has Hollywood style. You can do it to, all it takes is some courage to try your skills, some brains to follow these easy steps and some heart as you will love the process!

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DIY: Fruit Stamps

This is a very a-peel-ing project that celebrates the fruits of Mother Nature’s labors. Simple, timeless, universal and whimsical—all at the same time when you cut fruit in half, add paint then “stamp” on surfaces. This is a pear-fect, summertime project that is easy for all ages and all skill levels of DIYers. No need to pucker up— this isn’t a sour project rather one that is sweet, sweet, sweet! This makes a great gift for Father’s Day or for any main squeeze in your life!

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DIY: Window Sash Upcycle

Here’s one of my favorite repurposed projects that will add instant charm and whimsy to any room. Take an old window sash and give it a new life in your home or office.

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