Author: Tim Kime

Cage-Free Bird Inspiration: 4 DIY Interpretations

You will love thinking outside the box—and cage—as you create joyful pieces with a lovely metaphor/message behind them.  “A bird in a cage is safe, but God didn’t create birds for that,” wrote Paulo Coelho de Souza, author of The Alchemist, who is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  We wholeheartedly agree!  

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Make Your Own Barbiecore Glass Pieces From Inexpensive Thrift Finds

Since the Barbie movie is becoming a cultural phenomenon, allow your DIY projects to catch the fever, too!  Bright pinks, shimmery tones, and other cheerful colors are must-haves to get the “Barbiecore” look on your upcycled items.   This project is easy and makes everyday thrift store glass items look stylish, artsy, and certainly, Barbie-approved. 

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