Author: Tim Kime

DIY: Transform Items Into Hot Party Decorations

Want to create a memorable party atmosphere? Upcycled items create decorations that are truly one-of-a-kind, or in this case, one-of-a-Kime! Here are several ideas to make your next gathering all that more festive and fun!

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DIY: Find Fun Fabric for a Fab Flip

How do you take a set of kitchen/dining room chairs from a little grimy (no offense!) to a lot of groovy? By quite simply picking the right, fun fabric! This week’s blog features a set of chairs with great, clean lines and super solid construction. However, after 20 years of daily use—enduring spills from meals and drips from entertaining—these Scandinavian beauties had lost some of their good looks.

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DIY: The Little Red Chair That Could

We all remember the childhood story, “The Little Train that Could,” which featured a small engine that was up for a big challenge by being optimistic with its mantra, “I think I can, I think I can.” You, too, will be successful when you apply the little train’s motto for your DIY projects.

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5 Summer-Themed Upcycled Projects

Summertime and living is easy, especially when you are doing fun and simple DIY projects. Celebrate summer with these five projects provided for your inspiration. With longer days and warm nights, you will enjoy the fruits of your labors! From a side table turned bar cart to a tennis racquet moved from the court to your wall, these projects won’t make you sweat a bit!

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DIY Project: Stamp Some Summer Style Using Sunflowers

Celebrate Flower Power! Make a nice piece bloom by enlisting a sunflower as a stamp to add fun accents and embellishments. Here’s hoping that this week’s DIY blog will plant a seed or two of inspiration when you paint a sunflower then “stamp” it on a furniture item. You, too, will reach for the sun as you see how easy, charming, and whimsical your simple piece can become when you enlist one of Mother Nature’s flowering creations.

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