Author: Tim Kime

You’ll Ace This Spelling Bee: Create Letters with Repurposed Pieces

Here’s a smart DIY project that will give you straight A’s when you do it. Use pieces of scrap wood and repurpose letters to create block letters that will certainly be your type!  Whimsical and fun, spell out words with these colorful letters or select ones that make your name, your state, your sweetheart.   

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DIY: Upcycle Flannel Pajamas into Warm & Friendly Tree Ornaments

This week’s DIY project will make you warm and fuzzy inside and out because you’ll create tree ornaments from flannel pajamas!  This easy project also repurposes cardboard, wine corks, and buttons in a totally charming, whimsical way.  As a family fun activity for all, it’ll add cheer to your holiday season and your Christmas tree!

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DIY: Create Eye-Catching Wreaths with Upcycled Household Items

Upcycle everyday household items to make a wreath that is truly one of a kind and sure to make your family and guests feel welcomed when they see it on your front door.  This also makes a great gift when you tailor it for the person who receives it and sees the benefits of your transformative efforts.  

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DIY: Transform a Goodwill Canvas into a DC Flag Art Piece

With the holidays truly just around the corner, create a gift that will be proudly displayed for many years to come.  Reuse an old canvas and pair it with maps to create a new piece of art to honor that special place.  While the DC flag was selected since that is where I work and live, you could easily follow these steps and create one for your own city, state or country, or even your favorite school. 

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Every time you donate, shop or make a gift to Goodwill, you transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment. Watch our video to learn how.

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