I can’t believe the year is over, fashionistas! This year has surely been eventful from pop-up shops, to bus tours, meet ups….among other things. It’s been so productive!

But the best part about this year was that I got to meet all of you and spread the Goodwill mission and fashions to the community.

When DC Goodwill asked me to write as the DCGF, my life changed in an incredibly amazing way. I love all of you fashionistas! I can’t wait to share and shop more with you in 2016!

To share some of the nostalgia and bitter-sweetness that I’m feeling, here’s a snapshot of the most popular posts of 2015 with y’all.

Marc Jacobs! This bag is fabulous.

Marc Jacobs! This bag is fabulous.

1) Must-Know Secondhand Tips and Scores

This year, one of our amazing guest bloggers shared useful tips for shopping at Goodwill and even showed us her designer scores! Spoiler: She found high end designer gems by Marc Jacobs!

J Crew Top and Kate Spade Skirt both from Goodwill

J Crew Top and Kate Spade Skirt both from Goodwill

2) Fashionista Friday – Poor but Posh

In this post, our Fashionista Friday rocked gorgeous outfits with brands like the fabulous Kate Spade! Also, she’s still in high school!

"Thrifty Monday, sweater and boots $5 each #goodwill #opitzoutlet #thriftlook #budgetfashion #momstyle " -Joanna

“Thrifty Monday, sweater and boots $5 each #goodwill #opitzoutlet #thriftlook #budgetfashion #momstyle ” -Joanna

3) Fashionista Friday – Joanna’s Layered Look 

This look features gorgeous winter layers. Enough said! This ensemble can be worn this winter (when it eventually gets cold) too because it’s still in style!

Full look

4) Guest Blogger: My So Called Goodwill Life

Remember this post, fashionistas? This funky fresh stylist showed us how Goodwill items can create a sophisticated and grunge inspired look.


5) 5 Rules of Goodwill Shopping Etiquette

This post is timeless and can be used for years to come. Want to learn about ways to make shopping at Goodwill an even better experience? Use these tips to further bond with your fellow fashionistas and shoppers!

betsy goodwill

Image from the Goldwill Digger

6) Fashionista Friday: Betsy’s Fresh Fall Style

Our Fashionista Friday last month totally owned it by putting together an entire outfit, mostly with Goodwill clothing. This fall look can transition to winter as well. It’s super versatile!

Anthropologie brands

7) A Guide to Anthropologie Brands

A total must-read! Do you love Anthropologie bands but don’t want to spend all of your money on them? Good news- Goodwill carries their brands!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.58.46 PM

8) The Queen of Finding High End Designer Shoes

Again, enough said. This Fashionista Friday found Prada and Burberry at her local Goodwills! We need to take cues from her, fashionistas.

PicMonkey Collage13

9) Modage Style Shopping Bus Tour

Each season (almost) we embark on the Modage Goodwill Shopping Bus Tour. This post will get you excited for upcoming Goodwill tours for 2016!

PicMonkey Collage

10) 8 Signs You’re a Goodwill Fashionista

This was one of my favorite posts of the year. If you’re Goodwill maven or fashionista, these anecdotes will surely resonate with you!

Which post was your favorite of 2015, fashionistas?