Dear readers, shopping for treasures at such low prices is incredibly exciting and I know when I’m on a mission, sometimes my eagerness gets the best of me. I move very quickly, glide from rack to rack…sometimes unaware of my surroundings. I’m on the hunt and my goal is to find the best of the best, the cutest of cute, and the prettiest of the pretty.

Because I do get in the zone, I find myself getting a bit too carried away. I’ve accidentally bumped into a shopper or two, or unknowingly let something fall on the floor. Luckily, my habits have been getting increasingly better and I’ve chilled out a bit while shopping. I had the realization that not everyone shops like I do or has the same style.

That being said, today’s post outlines 5 of my top rules of Goodwill shopping etiquette that I’ve formed after committing some of my own no-nos. These rules don’t just apply to Goodwill; they apply to any retail store with human beings working and shopping. They address all different types of encounters I’ve noticed and experienced.

1) The store is not a trash can. See the picture below? What doesn’t belong? You guessed, it! The water bottle.  Like I said, sometimes I move so quickly around the store that I don’t realize that when I put something down, I’ve forgotten to pick it up. This is how I’ve lost many umbrellas (haha). Although it’s 99% of the time unintentional, Goodwill racks, floors, gondolas, fitting rooms, etc. are not a trash can. I’m honestly disappointed that I see debris like this at Goodwill hidden on the shelves. However, us fashionistas have to unite to keep the shopping experience great and clean within our community! If you see an item that doesn’t belong, don’t be afraid to throw it away. 🙂


2) Do not haggle. This is not a yard sale, folks! If you wouldn’t haggle at Target, don’t do it here. Unless the product is damaged or seems to be priced oddly, I wouldn’t barter. The items are already priced low and the proceeds go to Goodwill’s mission of providing job opportunities and training to members of our community. A long time ago, I tried to haggle at a store like Goodwill and felt really bad about it. I had a guilty feeling at the bottom of my stomach.

3) If you see something fall on the floor, pick it up. This has happened to me before! I accidentally and obliviously let something fall on the floor and walked away and it was because I was moving too fast around the store. My pace was triggering items to slip off the hangers and become disheveled. When one time this happened, I looked back and noticed what I’d done – I did not realize that I was the tornado that came through an isle. It was then that I promised myself that if I  moved too quickly, I would pick up the pieces behind me.


4.) Don’t stick something in places where it clearly doesn’t belong. I’ve probably done this before, too. This is the most disappointing to me out of all of the above situations. I understand why things are misplaced and stuck in areas where they aren’t housed – we move fast and don’t even know where we found the item that we’re trying to put back. However, I think us fashionistas should unite and promise ourselves that when we don’t want to purchase an item anymore, we’ll put it back where it belongs, or bring it to an associate. That way, a treasure can easily be found by a fellow Goodwill fashionista!




5) And finally, respect your fellow shoppers. This creates a better experience for all! Once in a while  when I peruse, I will be reached over (because I’m smaller) or unintentionally pushed because of all the excitement to find great things. I’m not too bothered by this but it does sometimes mess with my groove occasionally. So next time you shop, partner with other shoppers and help them find treats – we’re not exactly in competition with each other! <3 Now that I’ve slowed up a tad while shopping, I now realize that when I want to get to a rack immediately and I see someone else going through it, I know I’ll still find something. Everyone has different tastes and sizes! We’re all looking for different pieces.

So next time you’re shopping at Goodwill, please keep these rules in mind. It makes for a better shopping experience for yourself, fellow shoppers, AND the Goodwill staff. Some of these might be intuitive, but when we’re so excited to shop and find treasures, our eagerness can get the best of us.

Fashionistas, share your own shopping rules in the comments!