You can take the car away from the girl, but you can’t take the thrift life out of her heart!

As a DC resident who just got rid of their car, I don’t venture off into Maryland and Virginia as often as I used to, for everything I need, from groceries to entertainment, is steps away from my place. However, my hunger for thrifting will always stay strong, tingling at my treasure hunting nerve daily.

A few weekends ago, I decided to break my usual thrift circuit of hitting the Maryland Goodwills, and revisit the Annandale, VA location – a spot where I’ve gotten a lot a great vintage pieces. I often forget that this location is less than a 30 minute drive from Adams Morgan, DC, making it an easy and satisfying adventure for a gray afternoon.

Let’s just say that this spot did not disappoint – but that was expected! Vintage pieces from the 70’s-90’s flowed through my arms, all the way to the Goodwill cash register, all for under $25 a haul! As I was driving home, I thought that it might be of use if I composed a mini agenda/plan, based off my own practices, for you to use if you do decide to thrift at this store as well.

Want to see what you might find? Here are a few of my latest store scores:

Anthropologie Maeve Jumpsuit – $8.99. Originally $100+.
Vintage 70’s skirt – under $7!
80’s sweater – under $7
90’s daisy dress – $8.99

Mouth watering YET? Here are some dishes to eat after thrifting.

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