Author: Carolyn Becker

Why Chunky White Sneakers Are NOT Eco-Friendly

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the items I currently have or want add to my closet and how they impact the environment. Thoughts occupy my head-space on the metro, as I walk out of work….basically, every time I’m confronted with the world’s fashion choices. This week, I wanted to highlight some quick thoughts around my epiphanies around: the chunky white shoe.

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Finding Your Good Podcast: Strike a Pose

Arielle Lewis is a mega photographer to DC’s most popular style influencers. A self-taught lady boss who now photograph’s the district’s most fashionable full-time, Arielle shares her pro tips on taking pictures of street, luxe, and thrift style. She provides suggestions on everything from what patterns to consider when photographing vibrant outfits to where you should source props for desired backgrounds.

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