Author: Carolyn Becker

What to Do With Your Donations During COVID-19

You’ve just stress-cleaned the house and have several boxes of organized unwanted belongings. You’re done refreshing your wardrobe from winter to spring and own some fun clothes that you want someone else to enjoy. You’re moving and have some good furniture that you want to part with. The question many of us are asking in all three of these scenarios is, “Where can I donate these items right now?”

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3 Ways to Stencil a Denim Jacket

Most recently, I upcycled a kid’s Guess jacket from Goodwill that I snagged for like under $5. On the front, I made a space to place all my favorite retro band pins. Turning around to the back, you’ll see that I sewed a vintage sequin patch in the middle and hand stenciled my Instagram handle name – @petite_punk.

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Every time you donate, shop or make a gift to Goodwill, you transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment. Watch our video to learn how.

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