2019 was the year that I decided to change up my fashion sense from what it was previously to where it’s at now.

Before, I didn’t really put too much effort into my clothes and my style consisted of a lot of t-shirts & cheap feeling jeans that wouldn’t last too long.

I made due with what I had but I wasted a lot of money on cheap items that felt just as bad as some of them looked.

So instead of changing everything, I just put a little more effort into my closet. I found some better jeans, got some better tops and then I found the item that took my style to another tier: Blazers.

With the help of some of my favorite Goodwill locations, I’ve been able to find blazers that’ve changed my style – here are 3 of my favorite blazers and how I styled them…

Neutral Blazer:

This neutral blazer has been one of my most recent pickups at the Goodwill located in Bowie, MD.

When I first got the blazer, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it in regards to style.

However, I’ve been able to find multiple looks with this blazer and the best way I‘ve paired up it up is with a nice all-neutral look. Some might not think that all neutral colors can go together, but with the right items (like this staple blazer), an outfit can be pulled together quite easily.

As you see, a neutral top with this neutral blazer has given me one of my best looks that I’ve had so far this year. T

Take a look at a few of these photos I’ve taken with this lovely $9 blazer!

Blue Blazer:

This blazer here was a diamond in the rough. I was on my way out of the Goodwill in Clinton, MD and I stumbled upon a blue blazer that immediately caught my attention.

Fun Fact: This was actually the first blazer that kicked off my blazer craze.

After finding this gem, my blue blazer is now my statement blazer due to its deep color and the way it just draws attention.

So far, I’ve been able to style it with a nice yellow sweater and with some black overalls.

Check out a video I’ve done styling this blazer in 3 different styles!

Patterned Vintage Burberry Blazer:

Finding this blazer was an interesting score because I looked past it a few times and didn’t notice what it actually was – a vintage Burberry blazer.

These blazers usually run for $300+, but I was able to snag it off the rack for $9!

This one is a bit oversized so it was a bit more challenging to style this particular blazer (seeing that I’ve never attempted to style an oversized blazer before). After some experimentation, I was able to find some nice outfit pairings to style.

MY favorite one was the all-neutral look (it’s starting to become my favorite way to dress these days #neutralfashion)!

Check out this video where I try out three different styles!

Wrap It Up Coach:

The biggest thing that I had to remind myself of while improving my style was that I had to find the style that was best for me and not what I thought others may prefer me to wear.

In order for me to find what worked for me, I had to experiment and try (and fail miserably at some) styles until I got it right.

For me, Blazers give me that extra boost of confidence for an outfit that just takes a good outfit to an even greater outfit!

Shopping at Goodwill has given me the chance to experiment with different styles for a fraction of the price had I gone anywhere else. I’m able to find unique, one of a kind pieces at Goodwill that I wouldn’t find anywhere else!

Thank you all for reading about my amazing journey in style by having the opportunity to experiment with styles in Goodwill.

I’m always trying new things out so be sure to check out my new style experiments at www.imnotjustintune.com or my Instagram at @imnotjustintune