Sunday is my favorite day of the week. The weather is usually beautiful, and it’s the start of Goodwill’s color of the week sale for the Greater Washington Goodwill locations. This means that as a member, you receive 75% off of items with a specific color tag or barb and support Goodwill’s various free job training and education programs.

I recently visited the Richmond Highway location in Alexandria, VA. It’s a great store with various items and a friendly staff. As I entered, I was greeted by a friendly face and a warm smile. I returned the smile and started to grab a cart.

The gentleman said, “Do you know who you are? You’re a celebrity!” I quickly figured out that he recognized me as a Finding Your Good contributing blogger.

I was completely flattered and introduced myself. He turned out to be Alfred, who is the General Manager of the store. We exchanged our Goodwill origin stories and spoke about how great his store is. 

A few years ago, Finding Your Good hosted a meet-up event with local bloggers who curated racks in that store. It is always full of goods from artwork, clothing and housewares.

Alfred and I also spoke about the great monthly meetups hosted by Finding Your Good and hope a meet-up with happen at his store. 

I am grateful for Alfred’s kind words and gestures. You never know who is listening, watching or paying attention to the efforts in Goodwill’s store. Check out the Richmond Highway store and tell Alfred I said hi! 

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