A numinous November 2023, my fellow gifted thrifters and thrifty gifters! 

Third month of Fall, Cheshvan and Kislev of 5784, Native and Trans Month. Month of All Saints and All Souls Days, Daylight Saving Time, Election Day, Veterans Day, Trans Week, Trans Day Of Remembrance (TDOR), Day Of Mourning, and Thanksgiving.

This month, I’m taking you to my local Goodwill here in Gaithersburg with me.  I’m so lucky to be able to walk there from my home – and luckier still that it’s an especially great location.  I always find such special things for myself and my loved ones, and this visit was no exception. 

My parsley-print mask (with an N95 under it) is from Nagilah.  My lemon-print top and Tree Of Life and leaves jewelry are all from Shop Goodwill.  It was Sukkot, the Harvest festival, and I was so pleased to have a themed outfit.  

Speaking of style, I was in the market for more clothing – and found three dresses, a romper, two skirts, a pair of shorts (it’s so hard to find women’s shorts you really like!), a blouse, and a scarf!

And as regular readers know, I’m always searching for seashore items, and I snagged these seven.  A drawstring backpack, two zippered pouches, and a bottle stopper – all in a mermaid theme; a nautical picture frame with faux sea glass that moves around; a tin printed with seashells; and a candle holder for a jar or pillar with lighthouses (my spouse and I have a lighthouse collection).


And here are seven of the other seashore-themed things I saw in store.  Watery and seashell wall art, a seashell tchotchke and jar of shells, a tissue box holder with shells, a tote bag embroidered with shells, and a nautical-print scrapbook. 

It was October, and Halloween is my spouse’s favorite holiday, so I was hoping to find some gifts for them – and I was not disappointed.  We added the skull bottles to our Fall/Halloween tablescape as soon as I got home.  The wall plaque will become part of the McCrossin Collection of Cultural Curiosities, a mini museum my spouse created in a room of our home (yes, I need to do a post about that).  The pumpkin tea lights are part of a box of 23, and are especially cool because they flicker – I actually used a pair as Shabbat candles this season.    

I also found six gifts for two other family members!  But I can’t show you those, since I haven’t given them yet.  You’ll just have to trust me about how great they are – both the family members and the gifts.    

Last but not least, I got a sweet sheet and pillowcase set for my dog-loving spouse (we have two dogters), a pair of placemats that perfectly match our decor, and a superb storage box for my home office/studio.  

Warm wishes for the end of your November and beginning of December!  Meet me back here next month so we can celebrate Hanukkah together.  I’ll do a show and tell about my thrifted and gifted menorah collection and more.    


About our fabulous guest blogger:

Mycroft Masada (they/them) is a nonbinary trans and queer Jewish and interfaith leader with 30 years of experience, particularly called to pursue LGBTQ+ and fat liberation.  A Fat Torah Advisory Team member, Food Psych transcriptionist, and TransEpiscopal Steering Committee member, Mycroft is an advocate, organizer, consultant, educator, trainer, writer and artist.  They’re also a lifelong and at least second-generation thrifter and thrifted everything is seen (and unseen) in this photo.  They are easy to find, Friend and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram