Dress Up Your Front Door to Make It Sparkle for the Holidays

Transform your front door for the holidays by dressing it up—literally!  A Goodwill-found sequined dress is repurposed to help a door ring in the holidays with style and flair.  This transformation is part disco, part Diva, all DIY!  

You will love how easy, inexpensive, and eye-catching this project is to make happen.  Also, you’ll enjoy how it makes your whole place look and feel that you might want to keep up all year long.  You never can have too much bling, right?

Items Needed:

1.      Sequined, long dress

2.      Scissors

3.      Wooden door/surface to be covered 

4.      Staple gun & lots of staples

5.      A fun wreath

6.      A cute canine assistant (optional but very helpful)

1.      Go to Goodwill to get your holiday décor & your glitter on

If you haven’t caught the thrift store shopping bug yet, this shimmery DIY project will help you to get it—along with disco fever.  

Part of the fun and excitement of finding your good at Goodwill is that you never know what treasures you will find there.  With the lower-than-low prices on everything, you won’t spend much of your own treasure in the process. 

During a recent adventure to Goodwill, I was on the lookout for items to use for holiday decorations, given that Christmas is coming up soon. 

I found some great wreaths and pine swags, perfect for using around my humble abode and for being featured in a future Finding Your Good blog. 

And then I saw her!  This red, gold, and black sequin-encrusted women’s dress was too wonderful to leave behind. 

Expert Tip:

When shopping at Goodwill, if you see something you like or an item “speaks” to you, then buy it.  The risk is only a few dollars, but the missed opportunity if you don’t buy it is huge!  

My first thought for this piece of clothing was to use its fabric to cover a wreath and a tree form to add some sparkle to my interior holiday decorating.  However, I noticed that my front door needed to be repainted, so I thought this would be a fun and festive alternative to painting in the meantime!

2.      Cut it open, carefully, of course!

  • Cut open your clothing item along the seams with a sharp pair of scissors if possible.  Your goal is to get the zippers/cuffs/collars and other parts removed to just leave the sparkling fabric behind.
  • After you see what size and dimensions your various pieces are, you can determine how to place them on your front door.  My sweet doggie Tiptoe helped me to measure the dimensions not in feet but rather in paws!

3.      Secure with staples

  • After cutting, I was left with two big pieces of sequined-covered fabric.  Starting in one corner of the door, I used my staple gun to hold the fabric in place, then stretched it horizontally across the door, keeping it in place with more staples. 
  • The first piece covered the top half, repeating this step on the lower portion. 
  • The fabric’s texture helped to hide the many staples used for this project.
  • The doorknob and lock were cut around, and then the fabric was fastened in place with a couple of more staples. 
  • Smaller fabric scraps were put in place and cut around the windows.  Thankfully, this dress had the perfect amount of fabric to cover the entire door!  I love how the universe works, as this transformation was clearly meant to be.

4.      Trim the access away

After your door is covered from top to bottom and right to left, trim away any access fabric or parts.  You are finished.  It’s really that easy!

5.      Consider shining a light on your transformation—and talents

Think about adding a fun wreath to make it a totally festive transformation.  If you are able to do so, position a spotlight to shine on your sequined-covered door.  This will help make it sparkle, shimmer at night, and shine the light on your creative, upcycling/repurposing talents!

Now get ready to, “Bling in the Holidays!”

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Tim Kime

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