I hear that a lot of snow will be gracing the DC area on Friday and Saturday and while I don’t mind snow, I prefer warmer weather.
My favorite seasons are fall and spring, so spring is definitely on my mind since it is the next season coming up. Lately on the blog, I feel like I’ve been complaining a lot about 2016 trends, so here’s one I am pretty excited about: the color orange.
I read on Elle that the color orange is going to be a big trend of spring 2016 and I’m super excited about it.

Erin Fetherston's look from AOL

Fashion designer Erin Fetherston’s look from AOL

This color has always been one that I’ve been more afraid to rock but within the most recent year, I’ve acquired bright orange skirts and now have become staples in my closet. If you’ve been on the fence, too, give it a try! You might be delightfully surprised!
I love wearing the color orange and one of the main reasons why I love it so is because it comes in so many different shades and tones, and no matter what, it’s always unique.
It seems like a lot people don’t wear orange and whether or not you’re wearing a neon or pumpkin shade, it’s bound to be a conversation starter. Perhaps you’ll make a bold move this year and choose this bold shade say for a networking event, job interview, or an upcoming fashion event.
For spring, I’m noticing a deep bright or coral shades of orange are all the rage. I’m excited about this because I think these shades are fresh all while maintaining a juicy yet non-over-the-top vibe, making them both day and night appropriate.
While I do have some orange pieces already, I can’t wait to get my hands on different shades for the season. I’m thinking I might venture out and find a dress or jacket. We know I like black too much and it is my new year’s resolution to play with more color!

I love blogger Stylish Petite’s skirt A LOT and I want one in this color. It’s a rich and luscious orange but not too out there, especially paired with this simple white top and gold necklace. I could see myself wearing this skirt to work with a pair of cute wedge booties and gold jewelry.

And this look from Bows and Sequins really makes me want to snag a bright saturated orange jacket to spice up my winter wardrobe.
In this blogger’s look, she effectively elevates what could be a boring look, to one with a more interesting and playful look. The navy and gold is a classic palette, but the orange adds a loud but fun pop of color. And do you see the subtle touches of patterns from the jacket and her shirt?

What do you think of this 2016 color, fashionistas? Will you consider adding Goodwill finds in this color to your wardrobe?