Michael Kors, dear readers, is a brand I see at Goodwill stores all of the time…..clothes, the occasional handbag, accessories….I’ve seen almost every type of his products. However, despite the excitement around the brand in most recent years, I’ve never been a fan.

Michael Kors ad, Credit: Glamorous Luxury Passion Blog

I like the occasional handbag here and there, but overall, I have never  been super excited over any of his styles. The cuts and prints of most of his pieces are never really ever flattering on me; it certainly doesn’t help that all of his petite sizes are always too big on my frame. Plus, every time I walk by the store at the mall, the strong perfume smell gives me an unforgettable headache.

When I was younger, I felt that there were brands that were constantly neck and neck: Betsey Johnson, and Michael Kors. Betsey Johnson was for girls who were a bit edgy and didn’t want to fit in. Her bold prints, colors and cuts were unlike a lot of other premium aspirational brands in department stores. Michael Kors, on the other hand, was also an aspirational brand, but for those who wanted to look classically sophisticated and not really stand out. When I picture it in my mind, the brand’s color palette consisted of browns, turquoises and pumpkin-y oranges, colors that made rare appearances in Betsey’s collections.

Michael vs. Betsey, Credit: Betsey Johnson and Michael Kors websites

Michael vs. Betsey, Credit: Michael Kors and Betsey Johnson websites

I personally was on the Betsey bandwagon (before she went bankrupt). I was a little bit of a punk in my younger years, so anything that made people’s heads turn was something I had to own. I never considered purchasing any Michael Kors bags or watches, but I did understand why it was popular.

Just like the Betsey Johnson brand, these days Michael Kors seems to be quickly decreasing in popularity. I recently read this article about the brand, stating how it’s losing its cool. Many points in the article are ones that are leaving me nodding in agreement. Even the brand that I used to know when I was younger, is losing its magic.

If you were to take anything away from the article, my favorite, and accurate point is this:

  •  It’s too accessible. The brand is no longer an aspirational brand. You can find his pieces anywhere and everywhere at all different price points. When a bag is sold for $100 at TJ Maxx, how can one justify paying $500 for it at the Michael Kors store at the mall?

Although I’m not a fan of Michael Kors, what are your thoughts on the brand? Despite its accessibility, are you still a fan for life? Leave your thoughts in the comments!