High-end designer finds at Goodwill? Now, this seems like a regular occurrence at DC Goodwill stores and I’m SO happy about it. Name brands, couture labels and gems of all kinds can be found at your local DC Goodwill – it just takes a bit of “Goodwill hunting”.
And today’s Fashionista Friday shows us how easy it can be done! Sarah is an avid DC Goodwill shopper with an eye for clean, minimalist style. She also has a passion for art and dogs.   
One Goodwill find she recently picked up at the South Dakota Meetup is by Swiss designer, Akris Punto. This label typically retails for up to $1,000 at upscale department stores and is known for its understated, yet time-honored apparel.


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I’m SO excited to obsess about today’s find because it’s both designer AND affordable at a whopping $1.50! That’s less than a small coffee at Starbucks!
I look forward to seeing how Sarah styles this designer silk, eyelet top. It’s such a great spring staple – the outfit combinations are endless. 

Sarah, thank you for being a Goodwill shopper and attending the last Meetup! I can’t wait to see what you find at other upcoming meetups. 

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