Fashionistas, during the July 4th weekend, I ventured to the outlet mall just to walk around because it was rainy outside. It felt like the rest of the DC area had the same idea, because the mall halls were jam packed with people.
When browsing multiple stores, I did take note of a new summer trend that seems to be gaining popularity very quickly.
It’s comfy, it’s breezy, it’s light….it’s the summer soft short.

floral soft shorts

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I think this style of short should be called the pajama short because they remind me of the short shorts that you wear to bed at night. This style of bottom comes in tons of fun floral patterns and types of fabrics (linens, cottons), however, they all have a few main things in common: they’re very short, and they’re not appropriate to be worn to work….or anywhere of any professional relation for that matter. In fact, I wouldn’t even wear them on the weekend just out and about. But that’s my personal taste.
red soft shorts

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I think they’re a bit too light and a bit too short to cover anyone’s behind properly and practically. While they are made of breathable fabrics, it almost feels like  you’re wearing nothing when sporting these, which I’m not sure if it’s necessarily a good thing.
green soft shorts

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Finally, these types of shorts aren’t durable whatsoever. Because the fabric is dainty and light, these won’t withstand more than summer, making them the most impractical piece of clothing to be worn out in public. Denim shorts are a much better summer bottoms option in my opinion. They literally can last for decades – I find vintage pairs at Goodwill all of the time for under $5, and they have at least over 2 years of life left in them.

What do you think of this summer shorts trend, fashionistas?