Goodwill has been my favorite store for as long as I could remember. Even in high school you could find me at the local one digging through the racks trying to find bright colored cardigans and random t-shirts. It’s safe to say my style has since expanded from those days. Lucky for me they opened a second Goodwill in my area and this time it was right down the street from me.

Currently my favorite thing to shop for is tops. My work requires me to be pretty business casual so I generally stick to my favorite pair of black dress pants and leggings which leaves the world of shirts pretty wide open. I used to dig through every single piece of clothing on the rack, and yes I would have luck, but sometimes it felt like it would take forever. Now when I go my wife comes along with me (even though I have to bribe her) and it makes a huge difference. Instead of going through all of the clothes I look for certain colors and patterns that just pop out at me.

This past weekend my haul has by far been one of my favorites. I’m always looking for what my “style” is and trying different prints, color schemes etc. Lately I’ve been drawn to more of a “bohemian indie” vibe. Flowy type tops with embroidery and simple floral patterns are exactly what I found. My mustard yellow and burgundy top (originally from Forever 21) is my new favorite go-to. It’s dressy enough that I can wear it to work but still casual where I could grab some tofu tacos afterwards. My floral long sleeve top was a perfect find to pair with my burgundy skirt I had found a couple weeks before and as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be a match. Another one of my great finds would be my white peasant top. It’s very light-weight and perfect for the summer time and would work great with my black crop leggings or even my jean cut off shorts.

My local Goodwill prices their clothing with a colored plastic tag, and every week a certain color is 50% off. Yes, I could spend most of my time digging and looking for affordable buys….but I just start my search and if something is half off then I’ve saved a little more on an already discounted purchase. Some people like to go on certain days or times, but I go whenever I’m in the mood to spend a couple hours digging through stuff (which let’s be honest is almost all the time now) and recently have had some awesome luck.

I’ve always been told I have really good luck when bargain hunting. My goal as both a bargain hunter and blogger is to inspire people to be able to dress exactly how they want and truly find what their style is.