Dear readers, I have some exciting news today! As I was partaking in my usual perusal of fashion headlines, I spotted something that made me revel in a moment of nostalgic bliss. It read “Return of the Clog” and I couldn’t help by get lost in a childhood memory. You see, clogs were my absolute favorite shoe. I’m fairly certain my obsession began as they were the closest thing to a heel that my mother would allow.
I remember being about nine years old, standing in the G.H. Bass Outlet for the first time and desperately pleading for a pair of brown low heeled clogs. After what felt like hours of pleading, my young spirit bubbled as my mother reluctantly agreed to buy them for me. Don’t worry, I got beyond her money’s worth of wear from them so she was satisfied! The ease and comfort of this style drew me in and the low heel made me feel like I was secretly being rebellious.

Chic  styling of clogs! Image by Hey Natalie Jean

Chic modern styling of clogs! Image by Hey Natalie Jean

Clogs are sometimes stereotyped as being frumpy. While they don’t have the sleekness of a stiletto, they certainly do have the functionality that more fashionable, if you will, shoes lack. A clog provides a heel with comfort because they’re often found in platform styles. That gives great height without the pain and discomfort of a inclined style. In further making the case for the clog, it is critical that I point out their sheer ease in wear! What is better than not having to bend, balance or tie a shoe? A clog that allows you to simply slip your foot in and move on with your day!
Rachel Bilson rockin' clogs! Image by Best City.

Rachel Bilson rockin’ clogs! Image by Best City.

I see the comeback of the clog incredibly fitting as we begin to say goodbye to the skinny jean and hello to the resurfacing of seventies vibes. Additionally, we’ve seen a total comeback of the mule for summer, it is only fitting that a similar style be a front runner for cooler temps. What could be a more perfect pair to a flared or bootcut style jean than a comfortable and stylish clog?
I’m telling you this now, dear readers, so you can prepare yourself for fall trends! I am betting that this will be our “it” shoe once the leaves begin to change. That gives you all summer to find yourself the perfect pair to click your heels in come September.

What are your thoughts on this style? Will you be on the hunt for your very own pair? Share your style ideas with me below!