Dearest readers, Halloween is next week and I have no idea who to be! I know Goodwill will be my go-to place for a costume, but I honestly don’t even know where to begin!
Are you having this issue, fashionistas? If so, you know my pain. So I’m looking to YOU to help me decide! Whoever you vote for, I’ll be that person and I’ll do a follow up post detailing who I was and how I made my costume.
So, let’s see what the options are! Please vote in the comment section.

Grace Jones
I’m a big fan of music  and Grace Jones was a big player in the scene in the 80’s and 90’s. Her tunes were relatively experimental, channeling funk, R&B, and new wave vibes. But more importantly her fashion and  overall looks were on point and vastly ahead of their time. She was Lady Gaga before Gaga was even born! That’s why she’s in my top list of folks to transform into for Halloween.

Since I already have a leather jacket and black heels from Goodwill, my vision is to wear extravagant eye make up and do my hair. But then also purchase a lot of black draped pieces of clothing and purple fabric at Goodwill. Do you think this is doable?
Three pictures of musician Prince in different suits

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Knowing my love of music I’m itching to further pay homage to the great Prince this Halloween by dressing up as a version of him. I already carved a pumpkin into the face of Prince…why not dress up as him too?! He made such a big difference in music he deserves his own genre.
The problem is, how does a woman dress up as Prince? Do I purchase a purple suit? Paint on a mustache? I want to do him justice, but not look like a man. What do you think of these options?
Unique suits are difficult to find in my size….but maybe Goodwill will have my back. I always find the most unique items on the racks that could potentially work.

Do you have any other suggestions fashionistas? Based on what you tell me, I’ll craft a look and share it with you!