How many weeks have we been stuck at home now? It seems as if I’ve lost track of the days. But one thing I haven’t lost track of is my desire to keep dressing up, even though my travel plans consist of making visits from my kitchen to the couch.

Yes, sweats and tees are more comfortable items to lounge in, no doubt. The fabrics can be more breathable and they can flex along with the body as one sits in different chair poses to keep the blood flowing. However, loungewear, for me…they just don’t fit in with my routine. They are not conducive to working – it’s in the name – it’s for lounging. Loungewear activates another part of my brain, a side that’s not consistent with my own productivity. Sweats and tees also don’t go along with my desire to play – to play and experiment with thrift style. Style exploration is something that’s always on my brain – because it’s something I’m so passionate about. When I watch my evening 80’s movies, my juices flow. I want to try dressing like them!

Even if retro styling isn’t your thing (it’s not most people’s but I’m weird like that and I was born in the wrong decade), there are still plenty of good reasons to dress up, even if it’s just a few days out of the week.

This look is comprised of all Goodwill thrifted finds! From the top to the skirt!

1.) It Brings Structure to Your Routine and Overall Day

When we’re all stuck at home during this tough time, fear and stress quickly become feelings that haunt our bodies. A loss of control, a sense of disarray…these are emotions we’re having due to a lack or loss of work, financial strain, and more.

A way to find some sort of ground is to keep a routine…and getting dressing in items that don’t resemble PJs is a part of it all. Dressing up was a part of our routines pre-COVID. It was a part of our daily schedules and structure.

Thus, implementing this same action, might help alleviate some strain on the brain. It will help psychologically, and help keep us in a place of familiarity.

2.) A Change in Mindset

Tacking onto the above, dressing up can also help change your mindset, and even give you a boost of confidence.

The popular phrase, “dress for success,” is here for a reason…because it’s true! Whatever your version of success might be, dress for it. I mean, if sweats help you be successful, go for it! But if you’re rocking sweats, why not spruce it up with a headband, earrings or dose of lip color?

3.) A Time to Explore Your Closet

I have Goodwill withdrawal!!!!! To provide myself some sense of serenity, I’ve founded that dressing up daily has allowed me to further explore and “shop my own closet.” Without having to go out, I’ve been able to dig around my new-to-me Goodwill finds and style them in ways that I may not have considered before. Without fear of public stares, I can find experiment with style in new ways from the comfort of my own home.

With my newfound free hours, I am now actually spending more time with my things, paying more attention to my Goodwill finds and being more mindful of my style choices. Because I’m with my finds more, I’m seeing them in new ways!

4.) Looking at Items in a New Way, Giving Them More Purpose..Because of Cleaning!

Because of my sustained daily interaction with my closet, it’s maintained a sense of energy (and slight disorganization) that I experienced when having to go into the office.

And what do you do with free time and disorganization these days? Spring cleaning! I recently just reorganized my closet and wow, has it allowed me to discover to fashion finds that I rarely wear…just because they were hidden.

I am new styling my rediscovered finds in looks that almost feel new, like I just made a new purchase!

Spring cleaning and organizing, because of my daily closet activity, has alleviated my perceived “need,” to buy, buy, buy. Especially new items.

These are just four reasons why dressing up at home is something to now integrate within the daily rountine.

When stay=at-home orders are lifted, and we can all go out, this will be one less thing to get back used to.

What are your reasons for dressing up at home?