Out of everything going on at the moment, shopping at our favorite stores, whether small mom-and-pop boutique or thrift is one of the smallest issues to have. It seems just like a nice pastime.

However, we all have our vices that help with depression, anxiety, anger, stress, loneliness, and more. Thrifting is one of mine.

Being able to thrift has become a much-needed outlet for me to find a sense of peace , and not having that outlet has been a little difficult. To be honest, yesterday, I had an emotional breakdown, not because I couldn’t thrift, but because my anxiety got the best of me. And thrifting helps me relieve my stress.

Taking care of our mental well-being on top of our physical well-being is a priority, more than ever before. Staying healthy fights ward off sickness.

On some days, I get dressed in my best thrift garbs, paint my face and take pictures….then there are days that I have just enough in me to take a shower, brush my teeth, wash my face and sign on for work.

At the beginning of the stay-at-home order, I told myself I would get dressed every day and show up for myself as FunkyFabulous as I knew how, then I started to feel overwhelmed.

I had to have a honest conversation with myself and let myself know it’s okay to be still and process this new normal.

My best thrifted garbs, in the closet or at the store, will be there waiting for me when the time is right ♥️. 

About our fabulous guest blogger:

 These are just three words that can be used to describe LattieMooreStyle’s tastes in fashion. It’s deeper than mere outfits and trends…. It’s an expression of all the eccentricities that make up the person. And no one embodies this sentiment more than Keisha Dunbar Daniel.

         Keisha is the founder of LattieMoore Style and Image Consulting, which is named after her late grandmother. The purpose of LattieMooreStyle is to inspire Women to look, be and feel the part with confidence.

           “It’s about being Funky and Fabulous and not being afraid to let your identity be known through what and how you wear your clothes. It’s also Confidence and loving the skin you’re in,” she says. “I don’t think that will ever fade.”