If you live in the Greater Washington, DC, area and have not attended a monthly meetup, you are totally missing out! The vibe, energy, savings, and thrifting are so good.

Let’s chat about the March meetup in Rockville, MD! Each month, Finding Your Good hosts a meetup at a different Goodwill location in the Greater Washington area. This month, the meetup was hosted at the Boiling Brook, Rockville location. The store is open one hour early, delicious snacks are provided, and you receive a coupon for 25% off your total. It’s a win all around. 

Even though it was raining cats and dogs, the weather did not stop the dedicated thrifters from getting to the store early. As I stood in line, my thrifting bestie, Jennifer surprised and came to support the meetup. She really is the best. 

As we browsed the aisles, we found several goodies. However, my best find was an air fryer that was new in the box and was under $25.00! Jenn also found cute items for her closet and collection. I also found a notebook with positive affirmations and sayings to jot down my thoughts. 

I have also made connections and friends from the meetups. As the months have gone by, I see similar friendly faces and smiles. Back in January, I participated in a live segment on Fox 5 and met Juliana, who is an avid thrifter as well. I was surprised that she had not attended a meetup and suggested she come, and she did! It was so great to see her again, and we even posed for a picture. 

So, if you are an early bird and looking for a fun monthly activity, sign up for the next meetup hosted by Finding Your Good!

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