2024 has started with a boom that I would have never thought I would experience! I was invited to model winter thrifted fashion for Finding Your Good. As I am, to be honest, I was excited to participate but got nervous as the time gathered closer.

Each model was assigned a theme around winter fashion to showcase. I was given “taking a winter walk with your significant other” by utilizing items found at Goodwill. Immediately I started researching and thinking through what I would wear while taking a walk. I wanted to be comfortable yet stylish walking through the DC streets. One of the newly favored items that I thrifted over the summer was a denim jumpsuit from River Island. It’s both comfortable and functional and can be used as a layering piece to build a great outfit. I even spotted the same jumpsuit in NYC for a plus-size modeling and paneling event with patterned platforms.

Next came accessories and an outerwear item. I knew I didn’t want to wear heels on the cobblestone streets, so I went with a pair of chunky combat boots. I also did not want to cover up the jumpsuit, so I went with a faux fur vest from Talbots that provided warmth and a cute layer. I finished the look with a mini gold metal purse with only enough room to hold smiles and lip gloss. Since I was with my significant other, he could cover all expenses during this walk! Each item was also found at Goodwill locations.

The morning of the shoot, I met other great thrifters, including Juliana (@jemsfromjules), a fashion blogger, Rajni @jungli_vintage, and Dexter, @dexterthegroomer, a barber. They all had amazing styles that we all modeled during the segment. Carolyn @petite_punk, our amazing communication director, narrated each look and gave information on Finding Your Good and Greater Washington Goodwill locations. All the bright lights were intimidating, but it was showtime. Each participant did a great job as we modeled.

Days and weeks after the segment, a number of strangers have approached me to tell me they saw me on TV, which blew my mind as I had not shared the details with anyone because of my nerves.

Being able to be spotlighted for your passion is unmatched and brings me joy to know I accomplished a long-term goal I never thought would happen. I am grateful and thankful to Finding Your Good for great exposure and opportunity.

More to come in 2024!

WATCH THE SEGMENT: Winter thrifty fashion (fox5dc.com)

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