I love graphic tees! Throughout this year, my t-shirt collection has grown QUICKLY and most of them are Goodwill gems.

A t-shirt can be worn with literally anything – jeans or even a tutu skirt, I wear them everywhere. 

Last week, while shopping for my birthday weekend, I was cruising the t-shirt section of the South Dakota Ave DC Goodwill as usual.

This section is sorted by color (such easy shopping!!) and I was scanning through the black shirts.

I came across a series of shirts that start with #AskMe and end with different phrases. I’m not sure if the shirts are DC-based because the sayings included “Ketchup or Mumbo Sauce” and “What I Love About DC”.

Either way, they are super cute. I also picked up one that said “How to Pronounce My Name”, even though I have one of the easiest names. You never know though!

Fast forward to birthday weekend.

During an epic birthday weekend to Brooklyn and Harlem with my mom, I wore one of the comfy fun shirts while we traveled.

Nobody actually didn’t asked me how to pronounce my name (haha!), but I felt cute in it! 

These dope shirts costs $10.00 total, of course, including me rounding my change up to fund Goodwill’s job training program.

You know I can’t wait to style and rock my other tees!

Maybe we can then finally answer the age old DC question, Ketchup or Mumbo Sauce?

Happy Shopping!


Amber Mixson

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