With a dash of flirt, today’s #MyGoodwillFind is a large soft flowy Frenchi mini skirt embellished with an elastic waist band, and ruching at the top.

The fabric of this gem consists of a light and cheerful blue and yellow floral print, which reminds me of hippie boho chic.

My favorite part of this skirt is the cupcake like nature of the bottom; it bellows out, creating a nice curvy flow to your body.

The skirt’s brand, Frenchi, is one of Nordstrom’s house brands, meaning that it was originally around $40.

Frenchi Skirt

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I know fall is coming for us, but I can’t stop thinking about how to style Goodwill gems with summer flair — and I’m not going to hold back. Until Labor Day hits, I’m staying in Summer mode.

That said, our Frenchi floral skirt would perfectly mix with other bright and light tones such as creams, blues and light pinks. To embrace the bohemian yet French nature of the skirt, I envision that a flowy silky billowing sleeveless or long sleeved blouse will look chic tucked into the elastic waist of the skirt.

Over top that blouse, a statement pink or blue bauble bib necklace will add another necessary touch of playfulness and eye candy to the already eye-popping ensemble. Tassels, big beads and rhinestones will add a teensy bit of needed sparkle and bling.

French Case

Image by Polyvore.

Because I’m opting for a breezy light vibe, I’m thinking that a pair of colorful or brown shoes will be the cherry on top of my look. Although black is usually my go-to, a nice brown or blue elevated shoe will tie the outfit together. Both wedges and heels will do no harm in this look, depending on the occasions. My rule of thumb is to always wear wedges for a slightly more casual outing, and heels for something a wee bit more fancy.

How would you style this Frenchi skirt, fashionistas? Is it more of summer or fall staple?