As a fashion enthusiast, I love anything that is related to style and fashion. In the past few years, I have adorned my apartment with fashion-related home décor, especially wall art.

My favorite piece is a picture of Audrey Hepburn with her quote that says “ I never saw myself as an icon; I just do my thing.” My mother and I were thrifting through New York City and found it in a Goodwill store.

The sales associate was kind enough to bubble wrap the picture since we were traveling back home by train for safe arrival. It is situated leaning against my TV stand, so I look at it quite frequently.

I also have found positive sayings and affirmations in wall art for my bedroom gallery wall. The color theme is black, white, and gold. One items were thrifted from various Goodwill locations, and I circulated them around the wall as I found new art.

While hanging out in the Clinton, MD location, there was a variety of fashion-related art in various sizes with different sayings. I would have purchased each piece, but I have run out of wall and floor space in my apartment. The art would also be great in a style space or boutique for a new blooming store owner.

My favorite out of the items I saw says Shopping Is Cheaper Than Therapy, which is so true, and you get cool items, especially at Goodwill (hint hint). Each item was under $20.00, and each item was in great condition.

If you ever need to be inspired and look for great art, always check out Goodwill’s wall art section. You’ll find pieces at rock-bottom prices that also help fund the nonprofit’s local mission.

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