Put new life into your Goodwill Finds. Finding Your Good is about gaining inspiration from a community of experts who will provide tips to help you reinvent your personal style that is socially sustainable.

DIY: With a Comb, Give a Piece the Royal Beauty Treatment

A charming but tired side table gets the royal beauty treatment in this week’s DIY project.  Poured paint in purple, grays and blues then combed in a wavy, flowing manner gives a dreamy, ethereal feel. This combed paint technique has been around for centuries, often to mimic wood grain.  However, bright colors make this timeless process look contemporary, creative and cool.  This was an inexpensive because it used paints already on-hand but the result of a priceless masterpiece!

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My Goodwill Find: You Won’t Believe How Much I Paid for a Portable Ice Maker!

The warm season is finally upon the Washington D.C. area, which means that we all want to stay as cool as possible….including our drinks! I personally love a tall glass of blackberry lemonade, passionfruit sparkling water, or green iced tea. Having ice on deck is a game-changer and living with an apartment-sized freezer does not give space for ice. 

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How to Create a Spring Vignette & Throw a Cocktail Party Using Thrift Finds

Today, I’ll be sharing tips on how to create a Spring vignette and throw a fun cocktail party. If you are a loyal follower, you may recall a clients formal living room transformation I designed inspired by a Moroccan Blue parlor room as her Woman Cave. As a working mom of two, it is an absolute must to have a space of your own, for her, it was important to include her heritage, family and culture.  If you’re new to ISBC, see the link below for full transformation.

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DIY: Third Time’s a Charm for This Goodwill Table Makeover

My superpower is finding old furniture that nobody loves anymore and making it beautiful—and useful—again. Goodwill is my favorite place to find furniture. I love that instead of throwing it away to take up space in a landfill, the prior owners took the time to donate it so somebody else can have the chance to enjoy it.

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DIY: Upcycle & Accessorize Outdoor Tables for Earth Day

Spring is here, so more and more gatherings, events, and celebrations are happening outdoors.  This means it’s time to refresh our porches, patios, and decks.  In blues and greens, a set of rusty metal side tables get a new look just in time for Earth Day 2022, held on April 22.  Find your good by accessorizing your space with items in nature’s colors, too.  Repurposing items and reusing pieces help to keep them out of landfills, so shopping at Goodwill is great for Mother Nature—-and great for your wallet, too!

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My Under $3 Goodwill Finds: Acrylic Resin Trays for Household Uses

Last weekend, I found a trio of acrylic resin trays in the houseware section. Each tray is a different shape with shades of green. The rectangle tray has lifted edges and I envision using it on my counter for my most regularly used spices. The round tray will be used as a trivet for hot pots or dishes to be served for mealtime. I don’t have an exact use for the last tray, but I am sure it will come in great use and will be displayed proudly. 

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