If you have not yet heard of the “Goodwill Date” that has recently gone viral, you can read a short blurb about here:  Goodwill date night: Couples’ funny date night idea featuring thrift store outfits goes viral.

Basically, two couples plan a dinner out together, but before heading to the restaurant, they make a stop at Goodwill. Each couple picks out a gender appropriate outfit for their significant other on a mere $10 budget. Usually each person’s outfit resembles the Goodwill stereotype many people buy into: outdated and shoulder-padded garments your grandmother might have worn to a Christmas party back in the olden days. Then, while the couples are out on the date, they cannot tell anyone that it is a joke.

While this idea definitely shakes up the old, boring routine that so many couples fall into, I cannot help but think of all the good deals they passed up on quality, realistic clothing each person could have picked out for their significant other.

Instead of tossing out that horrendous outfit you bought as a joke the night before, why not keep an outfit that would add something to your wardrobe? Ten dollars is a lot of money to a college kid like me, so I want to share some items I’ve found at Goodwill for less and would make for an equally memorable date!

Goodwill outfits

These outfits include an Ann Taylor blouse, Banana Republic V-neck, and a Target brand scarf and crossbody purse.

printed top goodwill outfit

My favorite item is this pineapple print Ann Taylor blouse that I snagged for $3.99. The blouse is light, breezy and the pineapples make me think of a tropical place I would much rather be! I have paired it with black skinny jeans and flats before, but I wanted to dress it up a bit. I decided to tuck it into the high-waisted purple/blue skirt I also got from Goodwill for $4.99 for a more professional and feminine feel.

vintage goodwill outfit

As you can probably tell, I am  a  sucker for high-waisted shorts and skirts as well as bright colors. High-waisted pieces create more of a waistline and the bright colors are sure to make you stand out!
Blending in is boring, am I right?
My name is Jill Vernich and I am a senior at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. I love a good adventure, the great outdoors and penny-pinching. I wouldn’t describe myself as a brands girl, except when I find them at Goodwill for way less than everyone else paid for them. You can follow my most recent adventures and thrifty finds on Instagram: @jillvernich or on my personal blog https://foodfaithfitnessblog.wordpress.com/