I’m not a big Kardashian/Jenner fan, but I can’t pretend they don’t have style.  They’ve become household names and have revolutionized our ideas about beauty.  I mean, Kylie Jenner lips anyone? Topshop teamed up with Kylie and Kendall to create a signature collection and everyone’s been excited to see it.  Combine that with two of the most influential trend makers under 25 and you have a recipe for plenty of buzz.
The Jenner sisters launched their line in LA last week to much fanfare and, of course, paparazzi.  I recently checked it out online and I have to say I’m underwhelmed.   For all the hype about this collection, I thought we’d get more than 15 items!  But the clothes themselves are cute, if predictable.  Kylie and Kendall are all about the boho, California style and their Topshop collection perfectly captures that.  There’s a mix of rompers, short shorts, and maxi dresses, as well as a large flower print that is used in several different pieces.  In short, there’s nothing really noteworthy about this collection, other than the creators, which means it will be easy to recreate for much less than the $40-$120 cost per piece of the original collection.

Kylie and Kendall Topshop Inspiration

Kylie and Kendall Topshop Inspiration by thedcgoodwillfashionista 

One of the maxi dresses in the collection is black, with tiny straps, a U neckline, and an empire waist.  That’s it!  Super easy to copy, just look for a maxi the same color and shape. I’d go for a lighter color, personally, since black can be so hot for summer.  I’ve found several similar dresses at Goodwill for under $10 so be sure to check there first!  There’s also a printed maxi so look for dresses with a large print, preferably with a beach or floral theme.
Jumpsuits and playsuits are in the collection, of course, all with a white, green, black, and pink theme.  Again, look for a bold pattern, and when you’re pairing accessories, think small and delicate.  When you’re wearing a bright or loud print, you don’t want your accessories to have to compete, so just keep it simple: a thin necklaces, a couple bracelets, and some dangling earrings.  My favorite Goodwill location for jewelry is definitely Columbia Pike, with Rockville coming in a close second.  Both have a ton of variety, especially in earrings and necklaces.
Last but not least, this collection is big on the California love.  Look for anything with the outline of the state or the word California, and try to get a vintage look if possible.  Remember, the Jenners, especially Kylie, are all about the hippie but styled vibe, so you want to look good but make sure your clothes are showing some wear.

Check out my Kylie and Kendall inspired finds from Goodwill!

Check out my Kylie and Kendall inspired finds from Goodwill!

What are your thoughts about the collection?  Will you be looking for copycat pieces at Goodwill?  Or are you boycotting all things Jenner/Kardashian?  Share your opinions below in the comments!