Classic lines give a sophisticated look

Classic lines give a sophisticated look Buy It Now

Y’all know that I have a thing for dresses.  There’s something about wearing a dress that makes you look like you put a lot of time and effort into your outfit, even when you didn’t.  My favorite dresses are the ones that are easy to wear, but are tailored in such a way, that they make you look instantly put together and polished.  This, dear readers, is just such a dress.

First off, the cut.  Strapless can be tricky to wear if the cut isn’t quite right.  A lot of times fashionistas get a strapless dress that’s too low and spend all night pulling it up all night, trying to keep the girls from making an appearance.  But the higher neck on this Ann Taylor dress will keep your cleavage covered and will prevent the dreaded armpit boob.  Plus, the black stripe right above your waist is going to make your waist look so much narrower.  I know people think horizontal stripes make you look bigger, but it’s all in the placement.  Horizontal stripes all over can have a widening effect, but a single stripe at the waist pulls the eye in and adds much needed definition.  The A-line skirt gives you plenty of room in the hips, while still creating a flattering silhouette.  Finally, the length hits just at the knees, making your legs look their slimmest.

Ann Taylor Petites Dress


I also love the color of this dress.  I know it’s “just” black and white, but that’s what makes it so great.  Changing the accessories can take this dress from old Hollywood Audrey Hepburn to sexy bad girl Mylie Cyrus.  Black and white are great because they never go out of style and you can accessorize this dress in a million ways.  Add a jacket and tights and you’ve got a great winter white look.  Throw on a statement necklace and flats, and you’re ready to head to dinner with your boyfriends’ parents.  This is one of those pieces whose versatility will get you a million wears out of it.

Are you more an Audrey or a Mylie?  What would be your favorite way to accessorize this dress?  Let me know in the comments!