messy closet
Readers, I started my closet clean-out and it’s crazier than I had imagined! Last week, I began my first step in the clean-out process by going through my wardrobe and purging some items. After an evening of effort, it seems that I have a long way to go. Yikes!

There’s one thing to know about my Goodwill-filled closet – it’s huge. So going through this mass is quite the adventure – taking days to complete. When I started my journey, I dove right in tackling my racks of clothing first. Apparently, this wasn’t the best method. I only tossed about 20 items.
It was truly hard for me to decide what to keep or not keep, so I went to my friends and asked them for their own tips and tricks for an effective closet purge. Some friends suggested I do the following:
sorted pile
1.) Tackle Your Load by Type
Don’t go through all of your items at once! Start the sort by going through shoes first, then dresses, etc. That way, your closet won’t have an instant explosion, like mine did, with items flying all over the place. You can sort into smaller batches without making your space into a mess.
2.) Sort With a Friend! (Stay safe, above all, though.)
With a haul the size of mine, I need moral support to get through the process. A friend not only provides comfort when you’re stressed. They can also help you stay logical and objective. When you’re not sure whether or not to keep something, they’re there to be the voice of reason.
3.) Sort Multiple Times at Different Times
Don’t just sort through items once, do it multiple times on different days! One day, you might want to keep everything – the next, you might feel incredibly overwhelmed and ready to give your closet a makeover. Emotions affect our ability to decide, so revisiting your closet is a must.
What are your tips and tricks for purging items? Do you have any to add to this list?