Dearest readers, you might’ve (probably) have heard me mention this trend time and time again: the color-pop.
Color-popping is when you literally add a bright pop of color to a more neutral colored outfit, whether it’s all-black, browns, or navy blues. Really, any outfit that’s subtle in tone and color.¬†Color-popping can also be done with a whole outfit — you would dress in all bright colors with natural accessories. You’ll see more below ūüėČ
In any neutral ensemble, a pop of bright color adds another dimension and uniqueness to an outfit. Also, a  bright color will bring attention to one part of your ensemble or look, which can be great if you want to draw attention to a part of your body that you love.
Not only have I seen this style on the streets, but on celebrities as well. And they rock it really well in multiple different ways!

Goodwill trend

Image from Popsugar

With a Pair of Shoes
Recently, actress Jessica Alba shows us that color-popping can be done on a casual day with a pair of funky flats.
I’m LOVING this outfit! I’m really enjoying how her whole look is muted, but then she adds a twist to her outfit with a pair unexpected of hot orange comfy looking flats. At first, I was kind of ¬†iffy about this look because orange and olive green remind me too much of pumpkins. However, these shoes are neon, a color that pumpkin better not come in!
What’s also great about this look is that anyone can rock it. It’s casual, comfortable, and a simple weekend look. I’ve seen all of these outfit components at Goodwill, especially neon flats, for typically around $5-$7! A steal compared to what Jessica probably paid for her shoes :).
A Purse or Handbag
color pop goodwill

Image by WhoWhatWear

I’ve seen this trend on the streets too, but younger actress Lily Collins proves it’s a smart move. Wearing a bright colored handbag can also add a new interesting visual component to your outfit.¬†Lily’s hot red long strapped handbag is contrasting really nicely against her army jacket, without being too Christmasy.
Handbags are a smart way to add a pop of color to your ensemble because you can use them over and over with multiple outfits, without exhausting the item. They’re also a lazy girl’s way of adding a pop of color. Say you’re getting dressed in the morning and you’ve put together a muted look, and have an inkling that something else needs to complete the look. In that instance, you can just head to you handbag collection and do some experimenting quickly. No need to take off pants or tops — just throw on a handbag and you’re all set!
Just like Jessica Alba’s shoes above, a cute colorful handbag can be found at Goodwill for anything from $4-$10!
Full Force!
Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 8.36.50 PM

Image from WWD

Finally, the fashionable actress and singer Brandy, shows us that you can go full force with color-popping and blocking.
If you’re really feeling groovy and funky, you don’t need to just add a small component of color to a look, you can have multiple items stand out! Looks like this is great for a creative workplace or night on the town. You’ll be sure to stand out against a sea of black dresses.
I will say that with a party of color, keep it subtle with accessories and show. A black purse and neutral pumps will pair very nicely without being too loud and over the top. There needs to be a place for the eye to rest.
And finally, like above, you can find brightly colored ANYTHING at Goodwill for under $10. That’s a promise!

Fashionistas, will you try and of these color-popping techniques? Do you have any of your own? I love to color-pop with lip color!