This is the perfect time of the year because the temperatures are dropping and us fashionistas need to keep our legs warm! Bottoms of all kinds usually do the trick, especially a good pair of pants.
Now that I’m looking, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for three styles of pants that will help me get through cooler fall evenings and the dropping degrees of winter.

1) A Good Pair of Lazy Lounge Pants
On a cool evening, there’s nothing like snuggling up in bed with a book and tea while cozy in a cute pair of lounge pants.  These can be so comfy, you’ll wear them for days on end.
When pursuing Instagram, I saw that a fellow Goodwill shopper, Amanda from @Style_by_Whimsy, snagged a pair of skinny lounge pants at her local Goodwill new with tags. I think I need a pair of these in my wardrobe. I love the skinny cut, and the color is neutral and versatile; it will match most anything. Amanda’s score is so trendy and hip, that she could wear them out running errands rocking a pair of sneakers and no one would think twice about their appropriateness for being worn out and about.
In addition to keeping my eye out for a pair of these in gray, I want black lounge pants as well.

2) Printed Panatalones
A girl can never have too many pairs of printed pants. Skinnies, slacks, harem pants….I’ll take them all, as long as they’re different types of prints.For the fall, I especially love leopard prints and abstract shapes. For Spring, on the other hand, florals are my go-to.
Also, on Instagram, I found @LadyProfessor rocking a pair of black and white printed harems from her local Goodwill. I love how she paired them with a simple top, and then a pop of bright and interesting cobalt blue flats. To bring this look even more into lower degreed days, a rocking motorcycle jacket would look incredibly cool.
In terms of footwear, stick with flats or heels. Boots might look weird with the pant legs cutting off at the ankle – you’re  actual legs could look shortened.
Either way, these printed pants are undoubtedly a gem. Because the neutral print is unidentifiable, they can be worn with virtually any color!

3) A Pair for Colorblocking 
Although it’s fall, who says you can’t wear bright colors? Not me! The fashionista in the image above, @EyesforStyle, shows us that a bright pair of Goodwill slacks can look on point for a warmer fall look. The deep pinkish magenta is whimsical and sophisticated, and would look perfect with blue, dark green, yellow, and/or orange accessories.
@EyesforStyle made the perfect decision in rocking stripes with these pants. That pattern is always a hit, and never a miss; black and white stripes look great with any bright color!
I wish I had a pair of pants of this shade in my wardrobe; I only have a lighter pink pair that’s more for Spring than fall. I’m also looking for a pair of bright yellow skinnies, so if you see any, let me know!

What type of bottom will you be on the lookout for?