“A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls” declares Panatone on their choice of Marsala as the color of 2015. A bit subdued, one could say, in comparison to last year’s Radiant Orchid and 2013’s Emerald. But with that, I think this will be a fabulous color to incorporate into our 2015 wardrobes and beauty routines.


When I think of Marsala, I am immediately drawn to the image of a warm plate of gold brown sauce dripping over some tender meat. Far from the actual color of one of my favorite dishes, this year’s Marsala is much more beautiful. It’s got a red-brown richness that’s warm and inviting. I love this year’s choice – can you tell? But we all know why we’re here… let’s talk about how we shall go about wearing this one? Well let’s take it by season.
Winter warmth. Take this color and let it’s richness warm you up (literally!). I think it’d be a perfect shade for a fluffy scarf thrown over an ivory sweater. Think about doing a glove or hat combo and pairing it with a camel jacket. Seems like this shade will accent lighter neutrals (gray, navy, camel, ivory) very well.
Spring sass. If you want to totally embrace this color, go for a pencil or midi style skirt in this shade. You can pair that statement skirt with a light and romantic blouse. I have a feeling this color will be a lovely partner to a little lace. I’m imagining a lacey blouse tucked into a Marsala skirt with a nude, patent heel for a sophisticated yet natural and earthy look.
Summer lovin’. I struggle a little here, dear readers. I think this color lends itself to a cooler weather color palette. I could be wrong, but I don’t see this being a hot summer shade this year. If I were to do it, though – it would be a Marsala colored blouse with navy blue chino style shorts and some strappy wedges. I suppose you could also throw it in as a nail color for a professional and polished summer look – but honestly, it still looks a little too fall for me!
Fall embrace. This season is where Marsala belongs. Give me a Marsala lip with a Marsala cropped pant and a pair of Marsala suede heels and I’ll be happy gal this fall. Okay, so maybe that is overkill but you see what I mean. I imagine this color being a staple for beauty in fall. Cheeks and lips, oh my! I love the idea of a deep, rich lip for fall. From shoes to blouses, Marsala can literally be roped in anywhere during this season.


Image from (Pantone.Com)


So, what’re your thoughts, dear readers? Will you let this stirring and flavorful shade into your 2015 closet?