I admit I have items sitting in my wardrobe from high school, so I really think it’s time to revamp my closet and start 2018 on the right, more sophisticated foot. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to donate more of my items to Goodwill and de-clutter my life. I found a ton of superb showstoppers in 2017, but I want to make room for new ones this year!
After Googling some challenges online, I liked the one I found on PopSugar because it fit my goals well. For four weeks, I plan on revisiting my collection of clothing, assessing its size, doing some major organizing, and simply cleaning it out! 
So if you’re interested in giving your wardrobe a purge, de-stress, and make room for new fashions in 2018, I invite you to do the following with me!

1.) Assess Your Closet
Take a deep and hard look at your closet and remove the pieces you have not worn in a few years, items you’ve barely worn and had for a while, pieces that don’t fit right….the list goes on! You can develop your own criteria – whatever works for you! You can even create quotas or numerical goals, for example, establishing that you want to remove 20 pieces from your closet by the end of the cleanout.

2.) Sorting Through Your Unwanted Pile
Next, you can take a look at your pile and ensure that what you chose to remove was the right decision. At this time, you can go back to your closet and pick a few more pieces to donate to meet your quantitative goals. 
3.) Head to Goodwill!
This step is self-explanatory – go to your local Goodwill to drop off your items and you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt.  You can check the DC Goodwill website for donation hours. 

4.) Organize Your New Closet.
Now that you’ve unloaded your goods, now’s the fun part. It’s time to reorganize your closet and give it a new fresh layout. If you’d like, it’s fun to organize your clothing by decade, color or type of wear. Again, pick your own preferences! Something works differently for everybody. 
Will you join this challenge with me? If you’ve done this before, any tips would be greatly appreciated!