Searching the depths of #MyGoodwillFind on Instagram, I came across this fabulous vintage vixen, Aurora Florence for our Fashionista Friday feature.

Not only is she a vintage Goodwill style vixen, but a songwriter and actress hailing from Northern California.
For the past 100 days, she’s been rocking all secondhand outfits, to prove to the world that shopping this way is not only economical, but super fashionable. She doesn’t need to prove anything to us, because she’s part of our tribe!

One of Aurora’s latest Goodwill outfits is putting hearts in my eyes. Her vintage polka-dotted dress from her local Goodwill is unique and feminine yet modest. It’s not too revealing but it has a sleekness to it that’s incredibly sophisticated.

The incredible polka dotted detailing via patchwork is a type of structure that you don’t see very often anymore in modern clothes. It’s very much a characteristic of 80’s dresses based on what I’ve seen at Goodwill. Some 80’s clothing can be questionable, but this piece is a home-run. This eye-catching vintage dress is also appropriate for work. The length, hitting Aurora’s knees, is less showy and revealing. Next, the sleeves allow one to feel warm during colder weather and the neckline doesn’t draw too much attention in the wrong way. On a really cold day, just throw on a pair of tights and this dress is STILL good to go for the office. Flats or heels? This dress can work with both for a comfortable office look.

When talking about this outfit, I can’t not point out the red, black and white color combination. It’s a classic palette that has never seen a criticism from any fashionista, ever. It’s a combo that has been around for decades but mostly reminiscent of pinup or greaser style.

Before I peace out, I wanted to give a little attention to this other vintage Goodwill dress that Aurora snagged earlier this year. This too is another dress that is perfect for the workplace.

The length seems to be spot on, the color is versatile and neutral, and the collar is classic. As we see here, Aurora decided to rock a colored necklace and classic belt to add flair to her already cute dress. And I’m loving this decision. What’s great about the color is that it’s a great canvas for any type of accessory. Whatever belt or necklace you want to wear with this gem, it most likely will look smashing.

Aurora, we hope you continue your 100 day challenge and find great vintage treasures in good ol’ Cali! Keep on posting from the West Coast! 

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