For this week’s DC fashion feature, we’re spotlighting another Goodwill Excel Center (GEC) student who rocks a look that changes day-by-day, always showcasing her best stylin’ self. Everyone, meet Ms. Destiny!

We first met Destiny while snapping student photos at the GEC. After reading a feature on her fellow student Jamal, she reached out to us to share her story and her fashion sense. After meeting her, we knew we HAD to amplify her outfit aesthetics.

Upon talking with Dess, we gained a deeper look not only about who she is, but what the school means to her future.

Today’s fashionista is outgoing and optimistic by nature. She loves lending a hand, helping people in any way that she can.

During her free time, she enjoys cooking meals and taking care of her collection of plants.

Dess is a spiritual woman. she uses stones and meditation practices to keep her peace.

Regarding fashion, Dess finds her inspiration from just getting up and going off the mood of the day – if it’s sunny, rainy or cloudy, and if it’s hot or cold. She also goes off her inner feeling – “Some days I wanna pop, some days I want to blend in. Some days I want to be different and make a fashion statement.”

At school (the GEC), she loves meeting people of all different backgrounds.

The GEC’s fast-paced program and support from faculty also fuel her energy, allowing her to work hard to earn her high school diploma.

When Destiny graduates, she hopes to go to college and start her own mentoring company or independent living program for at-risk youth.

Her goal with this program will be to help individuals from around the world, while sharing her own personal experiences.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Dess! We look forward to seeing your other spring looks this Term at the GEC!